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Voting For Our Freedom

During the past two years, we have seen our individual freedoms eroded and violated through disproportionate and non-science based government measures. We have seen both major parties promote government overreach through mandates, lockdowns and medical coercion, creating segregation, and untold suffering. This coming Federal elections, we have a real chance to remove these politicians who do not have our best interests at heart .

As Freedom Keepers, medical freedom is at the core of our values and intentional action. Although we do not specifically support any political parties, what can make us powerful voters during the upcoming elections is being informed, and voting in alignment with our values.

Voting Strategy: Watch this video from Topher Field which simplifies preferential voting and shows how we can vote major parties out at election time.

Here is also a list of parties and their principles aligned with medical freedom. This is not exhaustive, and does not include platforms for independent candidates, but it hopefully gives you an idea of what to look for:

  1. Liberal Democrats (LibDems) - Their Freedom Manifesto includes: Freedom from COVID alarmism, Free Speech, and Freedom from Surveillance.

  2. United Australian Party (UAP) - Their National Policy includes: End Lockdowns, No Domestic Vaccine Passports, Respect the Sanctity of Doctor-Patient Relationship, Protecting Free Speech from Foreign Tech Giants such as Facebook, Youtube and Twitter

  3. Informed Medical Options Party (IMOP) - Their Policies include very specific statements around full informed consent, truth and transparency and freedom of choice

  4. One Nation - Their COVID 19 Policy opposes all Covid vaccine mandates and pushes for a Royal commission on the government management of the Covid-19 pandemic.

  5. Australian Federation Party (AusFeds) - Their Policies promote freedom of speech, religion and individual rights, and better handling of current and next virus emergency to prevent attacks on our health, economy and sovereignty

  6. Health Australia Party (HAP)- In their Vaccination policy, HAP supports safe and effective immunization and unapologetically opposes No Jab / No Pay legislation.

  7. Australian One - Their Policies push for freedom of speech, religion, association, assembly and self defence subject to the right of others, and NO mandatory vaccinations

  8. Christian Democratic Party - They believe in a free, democratic society with freedom of speech

Let’s be mindful that no one party or independent candidate will have the perfect list of policies, and you may agree with most but not some of their policies. What is important at this point in time is to vote the major parties out, and to vote for parties and candidates who we feel align with our core values and can help pull Australia back from our descent into fascism and authoritarianism. And most importantly, be there and vote.

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