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No to Vaccine Mandates for the Aged Care Sector

On 28 June 2021, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that the COVID-19 vaccine will become mandatory for residential aged care workers, and that those workers are expected to have their first dose by mid-September.

This contradicts Mr Morrison’s comments in August 2020, when he stated that “it’s not going to be compulsory to have the vaccine” and that “nobody’s going to force anybody to do anything as a compulsory measure”.

We are supporting our friends over at Vaccine Choice Australia in their Truth Day Question series, where we write to our local MP's to advise them of our opinion regarding matters they have been elected to represent us. Remember that they can't represent you properly if you're not communicating how you feel on issues.

This week's Truth Day Question:

According to the TGA’s Australian Public Assessment Report for the Pfizer vaccine, the longer term safety and duration of vaccine protection is unknown, vaccine efficacy against asymptomatic infection and viral transmission has not yet been addressed, a correlate of protection has yet to be established, and vaccine immunogenicity cannot be considered and used as a surrogate for vaccine protective efficacy at this stage.
As a member of parliament, do you support mandatory vaccination for residential aged care workers? If so, why?
According to the Australian Immunisation Handbook, a vaccine must be given voluntarily in the absence of undue pressure, coercion or manipulation. Do you consider mandatory vaccination to be free from undue pressure, coercion or manipulation? If not, why not?
What will you do as a member of parliament to protect residential aged care workers from mandatory vaccination and support their right to medical freedom?

Simply complete the details in the form below and don't forget to check the link in your email to confirm and send. You may also need to check your junk folder for the confirmation. A couple of pointers:

  • Use your own words as much as possible. You can find some supportive information here for suggestions on what to write.

  • You do NOT need to use a greeting or sign off - this is all done for you

  • Review your letter. The last box will show you exactly how your email will look. Edit this section to make sure you are happy with how it reads before you press submit.

  • Check your email for the confirmation email for your letter to be sent. Check your junk folder.

  • We also recommend calling your MP's office to follow up they have received your email and to impress the importance of the matter. A phone call is reflection of many in the community.

Please share with as many people as you know so they can write or even call their local MP and let them know you say NO to any vaccine mandates for the aged care (or any!) sector.

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