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Our Beginning

Founded by five women, Freedom Keepers United amplified the message of informed consent and the importance of medical freedom. Since 2019, Freedom Keepers United has grown to over 40 U.S. National Chapters and more than 14 different International Chapters, demonstrating the effect individuals can have by using their voices and their platforms to enact change. Freedom Keepers is an international network of everyday citizens from all walks of life, beliefs, and political associations who believe in protecting our personal freedoms and human rights.

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The Birth of Freedom Keepers Australia

The rapid growth in numbers worldwide saw the founders of CA Freedom Keepers creating Freedom Keepers United in an effort to bring about changes in policy and representation, unifying efforts internationally.


Through long-term building and nurturing connections with fellow medical freedom advocates in the United States, a trusted relationship was formed with Freedom Keepers United and Freedom Keepers Australia was established in 2019.


To mark the official opening of Freedom Keepers Australia, a national #JustAsking Campaign was put together which gained traction and momentum via social media.

Through building and nurturing the culture of Freedom Keepers Australia, chapters in NSW, QLD, VIC, SA, TAS, NT and WA were created; powered by a team of dedicated volunteers; expanding and evolving every day!


Today, we can see how Freedom Keepers Australia has grown so rapidly and has been successful thus far because of the shared values, passion and drive amongst parents and individuals to protect and preserve our children’s freedom.

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