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Since 2019 we have been building and nurturing the culture of Freedom Keepers Australia and currently have open chapters in NSW, QLD, VIC, SA, TAS, NT and WA. We also established Freedom Keepers NZ in 2020 and are currently building our core leadership team.


Proudly powered by a team of dedicated volunteers, we are expanding and evolving every day!

As Freedom Keepers We...
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As Freedom Keepers...

We put our families first.
We ask questions and seek the truth.
We fight for bodily autonomy and medical freedom.
We support those who speak up and speak for those who do not have a voice.
We seek out positivity and strive to be the light.
We believe that our immune system is our first defense against disease and infection.
We believe that our bodies are to be nourished, clean, and treated with care.
We help those in need when we can, how we can.
We respect opposing views and keep an open mind to those who disagree with us.
We continue to question the narrative and expand our perspective.
We understand that each family and each individual has different needs.
We continue to unite nationally and worldwide.
We will not operate from a place of fear and allow it to dictate our decisions or our actions.
We will not be separated from our newborn babies or allow our loved ones to die alone.
We will not act on the assumption that everyone is sick and contagious.
We will not give up freedom for a false sense of security.
We will not relinquish our right to bodily autonomy.
We will not subscribe to a one size fits all solution.

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Freedom Keepers United is an inclusive global community dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of informed consent, medical freedom and patient rights. Our mission is to provide valuable resources and education that empowers individuals to make informed decisions for their health and livelihood..

Our Mission

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Having provided a true representation of the individuals who comprise the medical freedom movement, Freedom Keepers United will enact global change. Our community will serve as empowered, capable advocates who work to preserve medical freedom, and the right to act in accordance with one’s conscience.

Our Values


Our Values



  • To represent those who cannot represent themselves.

  • To be courageous and forthright in enacting change.

  • To provide opportunities for individuals to share their journey.



  • To provide a community that uplifts and encourages.

  • To encourage positive dialogue, communication, and representation that foster a willingness to engage in a productive and meaningful way.



  • To provide factual and accurate information

  • To cultivate a positive environment which promotes understanding and open conversation regarding contrasting views.

  • To be intentional with the questions we ask and the education we provide.



  • To remain always hopeful.

  • To impart emotions of empowerment and courage as we equip individuals to enact change.



  • To provide resources which empower and educate.

  • To provide positive encouragement and support to individuals affected by limitations placed upon the right to medical freedom.

  • To create community opportunities.



  • To provide information needed to make informed decisions.

  • To provide tools and resources for further education.

  • To support self advocacy, leading to advocacy for others, and within our systems.



  • To be fully transparent in all stages of development.

  • To take